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If you have a king size bed that need a hypoallergenic down alternative comforter, then the Utopia Bedding King Comforter might be perfect for your needs.

This is a comforter which can perfect if you suffer from allergies. It can also help keep dust mites away from your comforter. It is made of polyester and designed with a solid pattern. Spend less with this super soft comforter and say hello to warm cozy nights.

King Comforter Duvet Insert by Utopia Bedding


  • Size: King 102 inches’ x 90 inches
  • Piped edges offer a stylish design which also secures the containment of fill inside the comforter
  • Box stitching provides an elegant style and protection against shifting fills
  • Filled with of siliconized fiberfill—350 grams per square meter (gsm)
  • Siliconized fiberfill offers softness and protection against allergens
  • Corner loops for the securement of duvet
  • Machine washable and tumble dry protected
  • Shell is made of polyester fabric for durability and affordability
  • Color: white
  • Pattern: solid


  • Soft and lightweight—Most customers agree that this comforter is very soft. Just like a stuffed toy, this comforter is soft to the touch. All this fluffiness is due to its box stitching and siliconized fiberfill.

The box stitching keeps the fiberfill from clumping or shifting to other areas. As a result, you get an even distribution of fiberfill that offers a higher standard of fluffiness.

When using this comforter, you won’t feel the burden of its weight since it only weighs around 2 kilograms. This is not bad given its thickness and great insulation capabilities.

  • Protects from bacteria, dust, and dust mites—As compared to natural down, and down alternatives, fiberfill treated with silicone is hypoallergenic.

It can shield the comforter from dust mites, bacteria, and dust from accumulating in the polyester fabric. This is the reason why people who are allergic to natural down filling switch to down alternatives for safer purposes.

  • Easy to clean—One of the best features that you can ask for in a comforter is that it is machine washable and dryer safe. Since a comforter is large, it will be a very hard to wash by hand, and wringing this bedding out of this will take a lot of energy to remove excess water.

You can let this dry naturally under the sun, but you can also use a dryer for a quicker drying process. It is important to note that you should use a gentle cycle and cold water when you wash this in a washing machine.

Avoid bleach because it will ruin the fragile fabric composition. Always use a mild detergent to remove dirt from the comforter. If you decide to use a dryer, check it after 30 minutes to ensure that the dryer is not too hot for your comforter. To be safe, put the dryer on the lowest setting.

  • Very affordable—One thing that most consumers love about this product is its low price which is very affordable even to those with limited budgets.
  • Elegant design—The piped edges and style box stitching offer an elegant design. This makes this a great addition to your bedding ensemble. Aside from style, this also helps keep the shape of your comforter for a long time.


  • Moldy in airtight packaging—Some users have reported that their comforters have arrived with mold in the packaging. This is because the packaging is airtight and as a result, moisture is trapped inside which leads to the development of mold and foul smells.

If you want to avoid this problem, you can request the seller to ventilate the airtight packaging.

  • Not fit for summer—A few owners noted that this comforter may be too hot for summer because the polyester fabric materials used are synthetic materials that don’t breathe.

Consequently, you’ll end up sweating if you use it on warm summer nights. If you want to cool down your comforter for the summer, use a cotton duvet cover.

  • Gets easily damaged in the washer—A small number of consumers reported that this comforter gets easily damaged when placed in the washer. This might happen if you don’t follow the instructions for properly washing.

Always use the gentle cycle, mild detergent, and cold water. Never use harsh bleaching products which might ruin the fragile construction of your comforter. As much as possible, use a washer that has a customized washing function for comforters.

Comparison to other products

Both the All Season Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter and Utopia Bedding King Comforter use hypoallergenic materials. While the All Season comforter uses microfiber as filling materials, Utopia Bedding uses siliconized fiberfill materials.

Just make sure that it fits your bed size. The All Season comforter is fitted with queen size beds while Utopia Bedding is meant for king size beds.

On the other hand, the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter with Duvet Tabs is slightly heavier than the Utopia Bedding King Comforter by around 6.4 ounces.

Linenspa is also larger than the Utopia Bedding in terms of measurements. While Linenspa offers a 3-year warranty, Utopia Bedding offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their customers.

Both brands use a polyester filling for their comforter, but the Utopia Bedding uses fiberfill that is treated with silicon. This makes the Utopia Bedding King Comforter more soft and flexible.


If you need a good synthetic comforter to keep you warm during cold nights, then this comforter is your best choice. It uses siliconized fiberfill which is both hypoallergenic and soft.

Although this may not be suitable for summer use, this is not a deal breaker since you can cover it up with a cotton duvet. If you want an inexpensive way to stay warm while you sleep on winter nights, then this product is perfect for you.