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A good sleep can make a huge difference to your overall health. It can make your memory sharp, improve your mood, and subdue inflammation. One way to sleep soundly through the night is to have a high-quality comforter that gives the right warmth or coolness that you desire.

Usually, you can determine the quality of a comforter based on the type of materials it uses. There are several materials that you can choose such as cotton, silk, wool, down, and polyester. If you want to know which among them is the best, continue reading below.

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If you want a cool comforter during the warm summer nights, then a cotton comforter may be your best bet. This is because cotton draws moisture away from your body.

Being a natural fiber, cotton is breathable and remains cool against your skin. Cotton can also keep you warm during the cold seasons. Quite versatile.

The best thing about cotton is that it gets better as it age. As time passes, cotton gets softer and even more comfortable. Washing is not a hassle with this material because you can easily remove the stains.

However, this material is more likely to wrinkle as compared to other materials, like polyester. If you don’t wash it properly, it may shrink in size and may easily wear out if you use it daily. It is more expensive than polyester.

One of the highly rated cotton comforters right now is the Free Spirit Marina Cotton Comforter and Sham Set. This queen-sized comforter set has pleased many users due to its high level of comfort. This is because it has the right weight and softness that provides good warmth during your sleep.


If you are looking for durability and affordability, then polyester may be your best choice. Even if you use this type of comforter for a long time, it doesn’t lose its shape.

You can easily maintain this material as it can be washed in the washer/dryer. It is wrinkle proof and dries quickly. Best of all, polyester is budget friendly.

However, this type of material may be uncomfortable during warmer seasons because it tends to trap moisture and heat. Being a synthetic material, it is more likely to pill after many washes. It can also irritate sensitive skin.

Unlike cotton, polyester makes it difficult to remove stains because it tends to absorb oil into its fabric. It may also attract static electricity. Therefore, it is advisable that you choose a blended fabric and not a 100% polyester comforter, like the Behrens of England Down Blend Comforter.


If you have sensitive skin, wool may be your best because of its natural hypoallergenic properties. Wool is a natural fiber that breathes to moderate body temperature and humidity. It naturally fights against dust mites.

To retain an even body temperature, wool draws the moisture away from your skin. It can keep you warm during the winter. Although you can use wool in the summer, it is rarely done because of its warmth. Best of all, it is flame retardant, lightweight and soft.

However, wool can be very expensive. It is also fragile, which is why it can’t be successfully laundered. Unlike all other fabrics, you can’t easily distinguish the soil or dirt hidden by its fabric due to its opaque appearance.

It is advisable that you dry clean your wool comforters. If you find some small stains, use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to spot wash it by hand. After that, you can rinse the washed area with cold water. Avoid using bleach and chemicals because they will destroy the fabric.

If you’re thinking of buying a wool comforter, try this Naturale Premium Extra Weight 100% Australian Wool Comforter which is specially manufactured to be soft and smell free. It is hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and machine washable.


Unlike wool, silk can be used for both winter and summer seasons because it is cooler than wool. The weight of silk comforters varies depending on the warmth that you need.

For those who need more warmth in winter, heavy silk comforters, which range about 400 grams per square meter (gsm) and above, are recommended.

However, lightweight silk comforters, which weigh around 200 gsm are recommended for the summer season.

Usually, silk comforters are lightweight, soft, and very comfortable. They are hypoallergenic as well, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin. Silk is a breathable fabric, hence, you can feel comfortable in your sleep. It also keeps a perfect temperature based on your body heat.

However, silk can be expensive like wool. It needs gentle care and maintenance. You can’t wash it in the washing machine because it’s delicate. All you have to do is to wipe it with a wet piece of cloth.

If you want to buy a silk comforter, try this Soft Silker Light Weight Silk Comforter 100% All Natural National Mulberry Silk Duvet King. It is soft, fluffy, and antibacterial.


Comforters filled with down insulating materials provide a warmth that is hard to be replicated by other synthetic materials. The air trapped between tiny pieces of down offers a good amount of warmth while still allowing your comforter to breathe. As a result, you remain cool while sleeping.

However, most down comforters can’t be machine washed. They could be a bit expensive, too. If you’re allergic to feathers, then this type of material may not work for you since it can trigger allergies.

Unlike wool and silk, it can’t fight dust mites naturally. You can use a down-alternative comforter if you are prone to allergies.


In terms of comfort, silk may be the best comforter material because it can be used in both summer and winter. It is hypoallergenic and very soft, too.

However, this could be expensive and difficult to maintain. If you don’t have allergies and you have budget limitations, then a cotton comforter may be your best bet.