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Are you looking for a puffy or well-sculpted comforter to warm you during cold nights? Then the Twin Comforter by Utopia Bedding might be your best bet. It is hypoallergenic and protects you from dust mites and other allergens.

With its box stitch construction and plush siliconized fiberfill, you’ll feel the comfort you always wanted for a high-quality comforter. Learn more about this product below.

Twin Comforter by Utopia Bedding


  • Size: 64” x 88” (twin)
  • Made of polyester and polyester blend
  • Fill Weight: 350 grams per square meter (gsm)
  • Box stitching for securing fill from clumping and keeps the comforter looking puff
  • Siliconized fiberfill offers protection against dust mites and allergens
  • Piped edges offer additional embellishment and stability to the edges of the comforter
  • Machine washable and safe to tumble dry
  • Can be used as it is or covered with a duvet cover to suit your bedding design
  • Vacuum packed
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Color: white


Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Due to the siliconized fiberfill used by this comforter, it is effective in keeping bacteria away. Siliconized polyester has special properties that prevent dust mites and bacteria from becoming attached to the fibers.

As a result, this comforter can be considered hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. If you’re suffering from dust allergies and eczema, this product might be the answer to your need for a warm comforter.

Soft and comfortable

Aside from the antimicrobial properties of polyester fibers, they also provide good insulation filling to comforters. They’re perfect substitutes for natural down because they are soft and flexible. With a total of 350 gsm filling, this means more puffiness and softness..

Lightweight and warm

At 4.7 pounds, this comforter feels light to use. This adds comfort as you sleep through the night. Even if it’s lightweight, it still offers the right warmth that you need for cold nights because polyester is a great material for insulation.


On top of all the great features of this product, it is inexpensive while you spend less, you get more value in terms of comfort.


Tends to mold inside the packaging

Some customers have had their comforters arrive with mold after they removed them from the plastic cover. This could be due to the moisture locked inside the package.

As much as possible, don’t suffocate the comforter with a tightened package. You might request the seller to put on ventilation holes around the package to let the moisture evaporate.

Cheaply constructed

A few customers reported that their comforters were easily torn when they placed them in the washer. This could happen if you don’t follow the instructions for washing.

If you put your comforter in the washing machine, use a gentle cycle and cold water. Never use strong detergents and bleach because these will ruin the fragile composition of the comforter.

If you don’t want to risk your money for this kind of problem, you can try the All Season Down Alternative comforter, which uses a more durable baffle box construction.


A few consumer reports talk about how itchy the comforter can be. They blamed the scratchy fibers which they can feel under the cover. This may be expected since this is made of polyester material.

However, you can lessen the scratchy fibers by using a cotton sheet or a cotton duvet cover. You need to clean the comforter thoroughly to remove all dust that might still stick to the fabric.

Too hot

Some owners noted that this comforter may be too hot on warm nights. This is one downside of polyester because it does not breathe like cotton.

If you want to stay cool, even the warmest of nights, cover this comforter with a cotton sheet or a cotton duvet cover. You can also skip in using this comforter if you find the night a bit too hot for a thick comforter.

Comparison to other products

The Twin comforter is lighter than the All Season by 2.8 pounds. That’s a big difference rig if you seek more comfort.

While the All Season uses a baffle box construction for a fuller look, the Twin Comforter uses a box stitch to keep its shape.

Meanwhile, the Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter is slightly more expensive than the Twin Comforter. Both uses the same box stitch construction for a well-sculpted look.

The Twin Comforter has piped edges while Linenspa has sewn corner tabs for enhanced duvet cover security. The Twin Comforter doesn’t offer a warranty like the other brand does.


If you want a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial comforter for your twin size bed, then the Twin Comforter by Utopia Bedding might be the best choice.

This has a plush siliconized fiberfill which protects you from dust mites and allergens. It also helps keep the shape of the comforter after several uses and washes.

Although this may be itchy, it is not a big deal since you can resolve it easily with cotton sheets or a duvet cover. You’ll also love its very reasonable price which will bring more value for your money.