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Gone are those days where people could be fooled into buying anything that was substandard. That is because people are now highly informed and well aware of what exactly they need and are looking for. Even when it comes to comforters, you may have heard several people speak about “microfiber.” Hence, unaware folks are curious and ask the questions, “What are these so-called microfibers?” and “Are microfiber comforters good?”

What are Microfibers?

The word microfiber is tossed around a lot these days. In fact, we are sure you may have even heard about it when people are talking about clothing, fabrics, and comforters.

In layman terms, microfiber is a microscopically thin type of fiber. It is said that the diameter of which is about 1/100th than that of a human hair. That is why microfiber sheets and comforters are so soft when you touch them.

Although microfibers are thin, all the products that are made from them, such as polyester and nylon are still extremely strong. Also, since they are manmade, they can be created to look and feel like several different kinds of fabrics like suede, silk and even cotton.  For example, as most of us know, silk fabrics are costly, but with the use of microfiber, they can be replicated on the basis of look and feel of silk and are sold for a fraction of natural silk’s cost.

So, when you read about sheets and comforters that have microfiber fabrics used, these comforters tend to be extremely light, highly comfortable, affordable, and even last longer than most comforters made from regular fabric.

With that in mind, microfiber comforters are definitely very popular even though they are entirely new in the market. To add more, they are also recommended for people who suffer from severe allergies. This is because microfibers are tightly woven fabrics which do not allow dust mites to pass through it and trouble the person using it.

Are Microfiber Comforters Breathable?

Since microfibers are all synthetic, they can be off-putting for some folks, but as can be denoted from above, there are a lot of reasons why they have become marketable. Nonetheless, one thing that first-time buyers should also consider is that these comforters are breathable.

As mentioned earlier, microfiber comforters are tightly woven, so not only can they prevent dust mites to enter but will also not allow any water to seep through. Hence, they are breathable but not like how you would expect natural comforters such as cotton and other fabrics to be like. This may not mainly be good for people who tend to feel hot when they are asleep and have very sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since microfiber comforters are capable of wicking away the moisture that occurs inside when you are sleeping. As such, experts say that these microfiber comforters work best for winters. These will definitely make you feel warmer in comparison to cotton or any other natural fabric comforter.

Which is Better? Cotton or Microfiber Comforters?

Cotton comforters have been popular for several years. That is the reason why they are the best product that can be compared to microfiber comforters.

When it comes to buying comforters, the feel and comfort of the fabric are two of the most important aspects that people should consider. However, both cotton and microfiber comforters are incomparable since they both provide different levels of comfort and warmth.

It is said that the difference in the warmth and comfort will depend on the specific type of microfiber and cotton comforter that you buy. Meaning, there are still different types in each of them. There are microfiber and cotton fabrics with a lower thread count that will not provide you with the warm and cozy feeling you need. Fabrics with higher thread count, on the other hand, are very soft to the touch and provide maximum comfort and a great feel to it.

Are Microfiber Comforters Durable?

As similar to any types of comforters, the durability of microfiber comforters will depend on the kind of microfiber comforter you have purchased or are looking to buy. Single microfiber threads are quite weak by themselves, but since these fabrics are woven with millions of microfiber threads, they tend to be long-lasting. Obviously, those that are made of multilayered microfiber threads are more durable.

Indeed, choosing a low-quality microfiber comforter will open you up to the risk of it being torn after a couple of months of use and/or wash. Nonetheless, they will still last longer than regular comforters of the same quality level.

How do you Care for Microfiber Comforters?

The best part about caring for microfiber comforters is that it is quite easy since they can be washed, as well as dried using regular washing machines and dryers. Best of it all, they even dry up faster than natural fabrics such as cotton as they are lighter and thinner.

However, microfiber comforters may shrink in size by a bit when you first wash them. This is because they tend to have wood pulp and cellulose in them. If you want to avoid such, you can opt for pre-shrunk microfiber comforters that are also available on the market.

Although most microfiber comforters are white in color, there are still some which are produced in different colors and some kind of designs. Fortunately, this fabric tends to hold dye quite well even after multiple washes, but with regards to brightly colored ones, they may lose color and become dull over the years. Additionally, they are susceptible to wrinkling, but such can be quickly resolved with the use of a warm iron.

Are Microfiber Comforters Good: The Final Conclusion

So, are microfiber comforters good? Well, yes, they are indeed. Microfiber comforters have their own sets of pros and cons. However, it goes without saying that the pros outnumber the cons.

Like any kind of investment, choosing a high-quality microfiber comforter will not only last you for a very long time but also serve its purpose well. If cared and maintained well enough, it will continue to remain soft, comfortable and still look as attractive.