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There are so many comforter sizes available on the market today. With all this selection, choosing the perfect comforter size can get confusing. We all have our own preferences when it comes to sleeping.

Most people like it cooler when they sleep. Many people prefer a lighter blanket that is less restricting.  Some of us prefer the added size of a king sized bed. Others prefer a smaller bed due to size constraints.

Mattress and comforter sizes vary depending on where you are located at. It wasn’t until 1958 that uniform mattress sizes were standardized in the United States.The Simmons company was the first to introduce the queen and king size mattress in a standard format.

Ever since then, you could choose a mattress from these sizes below

  • Twin
  • Twin xl
  • Full size
  • Full XL
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Bedding has come a long way. Ancient Germans laid on a bed of leaves, covered with pelts when they slept. It doesn’t sound that comfortable now, but compared to sleeping on the hard ground, it was the Ritz.

Nowadays, we relax in luxurious down comforters battling our air conditioner for warmth.

Whatever size bed you have, you should consider getting a properly sized comforter for it. A stylish comforter can bring a bedroom’s décor together, as well as provide for a cozy night’s rest.

A perfectly sized comforter should fall equally around the bottom three sides of the bed and fold down with the sheets under it to create layers.

When choosing your comforter size, you should consider that many companies offer their comforters in 3 distinct sizes.

  • Twin
  • Full/Queen
  • King

If you have a queen-sized bed, this will prove to be a frustrating scenario. The internet is full of aggravated customers who purchased a full/queen-sized comforter only to realize the fit was not as expected.

There is a reason your comforter doesn’t look as fluffy and full as the one in the showroom. This is because many times showrooms use specially sized beds to create the illusion of added puffiness.

In most photo shoots, corporations will use multiple comforters to make their product look extra fluffy.

Considering the lengths manufacturers have gone through to get you to purchase one of these ill-fitting designs, you must consider exactly what length you want your comforter to be. If two people are sleeping together and they are both tugging on the comforter, the ends can get smashed down.

By getting a little bit longer width, you can both get more comforter, and a better nights sleep. This also helps compensate for an extra deep mattress.

The U.S.A. has its own standardized bed sizes, mostly thanks to the metric system. You may want to consider an oversized comforter. It can be a smart choice and it can help with deep mattresses. The only downside is it being slightly more expensive.

The difference between a queen-sized comforter and king-sized is width. A king-sized comforter is slightly wider than the queen. Many people will purchase a king-sized comforter for a queen-sized mattress. This is because they are looking to cover the sides of their box spring.

Ironically, the queen-sized bed of the U.S. is the king-sized bed in the UK and Ireland. If you order a comforter that is too big, it will get dirtier more quickly, and if you order one that is too small, you can see the mattress and bed rails. This is especially true for king-sized beds with high mattresses.

A typical Full/Queen-sized is 90″ x 94″. This is a good size for most full-sized mattresses. I would recommend you get at least a 98″ comforter for a queen-sized mattress. This is going to give you a good overhang, without sacrificing any style.

If a manufacturer doesn’t make a longer version of the comforter you like, you can always buy the king-sized version and then fold back the top part so the mattress is covered at the bottom. Most comforters are made for beds with footboards, and that’s why they stop at the end of your mattress.

The reality is, most of us don’t have a footboard. Use these comforter size tips to get the perfect sized comforter for your bed.