The comforter is one of the important parts of the mattress. Finding the right quality of comforter is important and knowing the alternatives to finding the right comforter is very practical.

  • How to choose a synthetic comforter
  • Choose the warmth level of the comforter
  • Consider the temperature of your bedroom and how you usually feel when you are sleeping. Synthetic comforters are made with various temperature selections.

If you are confused in choosing which synthetic comforter suits your comfort it is best to choose the less-thick synthetic comforter to avoid hot temperatures that can lead to discomfort.

Choose the fabric style

There different types of fabric qualities that are made of 100% cotton

  • Sateen—It has a wonderful soft feel with high sheen
  • Damask—excellent quality with great comfort for room temperature.
  • Batiste—very lightweight with great durability
  • Cambric Fabric—It has a basic weave that can be stretchable.

Synthetic comforters

Cuddledowns Damask Stripe Synthetic Comforter

Previously referred to as a down alternative comforter, now known as a synthetic comforter, this is made from high-quality fibers that bundle together without clumping or matting.


  • It is an eco-friendly comforter with fabric that is made up to 100% free from harmful chemicals.
  • Can be machine washed, without worrying about damaging the appearance of the comforter.
  • It can achieve warmth with its light weight components.
  • The fabric is stylish and very comfortable


  • Washing causes minor shrinking of the fabric

Down Comforters

In choosing the right down comforter for you, consider these questions:

  • Would you prefer to sleep in a cold temperature of in a warmer temperature?
  • What is your room temperature?
  • What is the climate of your area ? Is it tropical or does it usually snow in your environment?

A down comforter is an essential component to a warm and cozy bed. With its wide and different prices and styles, choosing the right down comforter can be a little bit confusing. It comes in various styles with great quality and you can choose different sizes that match your needs.

Down Comforter by the Carpenter Company

This down comforter is perfect for cold and warm temperatures; it is a single comforter with separate warmth levels. It has the warmth level of two blankets typically used at spring time and is perfect for cold sleepers. it is originally made n rooms which are unheated, provides warmth and comfort.


  • Passed various durability tests
  • It can provide warmth in very cold climate
  • Washing can be done without worrying about damaging the appearance of the fabric


  • It is very heavy
  • It has lumps that are not appealing
  • Repeated washing can result to shrinkage

Primloft Comforter

This type of comforter has a cotton fabric with a 400 thread count, and a sewn box design to fill in the shape of a normal comforter. It is available in any size with two main colors—ivory and white. Dry clean only.


  • It has excellent warmth level
  • It has good appearance with the appealing clean colors of white and ivory


  • This type of comforter is heavy, not the best choice if you have problems with feeling weighed down while sleeping.
  • Frequent cleaning may cause minor shrinkage and tears.

Down Alternative Luxury Comforter

it has a cotton cover, baffle-box design and an alternative fiberfill. It has a one inch gusset loft that prevents its fill from shifting. This type of comforter is machine washable.


  • It gives a 10% comfort with high quality warmth tests
  • Its fabric won’t tear easily; proven and tested with good results
  • Appearance unharmed after numerous washing


  • With its warmth comes extra weight. This type of comforter is heavy.
  • Frequent washing causes shrinkage.

Luxefill Comforter

This comforter is designed to provide warmth and comfort in any type of weather, with fabric walls to prevent its fill from shifting. This comforter contains 38 ounces of down alternative fill inside a cotton cover and is machine washable.


  • It provides excellent warmth
  • The outer fabric is very durable
  • Maintains its appearance even after it has been washed several times
  • It has a soft durable cotton cover


  • This comforter is heavy and is best for people who live in cold climates.
  • Shrinking can happen after several washings

Micromax Comforter

It features a cotton damask-stripe cover, with fiberfill to add more comfort.


  • It keeps you warm with top quality comfort
  • Appearance did not fade after repeated washing
  • It has an average weight suitable for all climates.


  • This comforter may shrink after a number of washing

Sleep Number True Silver Comforter

This comforter is specially designed to reduce the growth of bacteria and odors caused by sweat or pets. This comforter is constructed with antimicrobial components within its fills and covers. Machine wash is recommended.


  • It will keep you comfortably warm in cold temperature
  • The fabric is durable
  • It is not too heavy and not too light


  • Washing can cause shrinkage and affects its appearance
  • Its appearance is not good; consumers thought that it looked cheap.

Lands’ End Pure Loft Box Comforter

This comforter uses a microfiber fill as an alternative to down comforters. It is stitched to hold the fill in place; it is also available in warm and warmer features. It can be machine washed and dried.


  • It is comfortably made to be lightweight. It is best for climates that are warmer.
  • The comforter sustained its appearance after numerous washings
  • Its fabric is very durable
  • Consumers rated the appearance as above average
  • The comforter shows good quality comfort during warm and cold weather


  • It only gives average warmth for colder climate
  • The outer fabric has only an average durability
  • Minor shrinkage is noticeable after machine washing five times