Charter Club is a well-known name that makes one of the best comforters and bedding in general. In bedding, there are a number of things that are produced by the Charter Club, but from all those things, comforters are the most purchased item produced by the Charter Club Company. In this article, we will talk about the charter club and the comforters produced by them.

Here I have five of the best down comforters by Charter Club reviewed and fully detailed. You must spare a little time and read the following reviews before buying a down comforter for great wintertime. Please observe these:




In a hurry? Every top-rated Charter Club Down Comforter after 25 hrs of research

Charter Club European White Down Medium Weight Twin Comforter White
Charter Club European White Down Medium Weight Comforter

Why is it better?

  • Easily washable by machine.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Very fluffy.
  • Ultra-clean goose down material.
  • Ideal for all seasons.

Our Top Rating

Charter Club European White Down Medium Weight Comforter

Charter Club European White Down Medium Weight Twin Comforter White

The first one on this rundown is the European White Down Medium Weight Comforter by the Charter Club. This is a fantastic item, and it brings the actual warmth that you desire.

It is fully loaded with the UltraClean down filling that is atmosphere friendly and will keep the eco-safe. It is genuinely hypoallergic, and you can use it without being afraid of any sort of allergies.

It is filled quite well and is medium-weighted. You can use it the entire year for a comfortable sleep throughout and for people who like to keep warm even during the summer months. So who says that down comforters are only meant to be used in winters?

The thread count is 400 and features a baffle box design for uniform placement of feathers. It also allows the down to expand to its maximum to make it overly fluffy.

This comforter has duvet tabs. This feature fastens your duvet to your covers, making it easier to make the bed and maintain your beds’ integrity. With Duvet Tabs, you will have no more scruffy beds!

It is available in twin and .

The power fill of 600 of this comforter makes the most extreme space and wraps the user with transmitting warmth in the frosty time of the year and protection from the warmth amid the hotter months like summer and somehow spring as well.

The construction of this comforter is quite unique; it is stitched in a design of baffle boxes, which keeps the warmth level even.

You can get this comforter from Amazon. It accompanies extravagant at an affordable price rate.


  • Easily washable by machine.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Very fluffy.
  • Ultra-clean goose down material.
  • Ideal for all seasons.


  • It is available in white color only.
  • Not for a handy wash.

Charter Club European Down Lightweight Comforter

Charter Club European White Down Light Weight King Comforter - Hypoallergenic, UltraClean

Here is the next option that you have; it is another amazing product by the Charter Club manufacturers.

This comforter is filled with the European down fill. It is filled to a great degree that makes it quite fluffy.

The down comforter by Charter Club, a Macy’s brand, is meant to be used during all seasons. The comforter is extremely lightweight.

This great comforter has corner duvet tabs securely attach to ties in comforter shell.

This down comforter has a pattern of boxes that are all even in size with a thread count of 400. This pattern prevents the inside filling from shifting here and there; therefore, there is no possibility of shifting.

It is hypoallergenic, ensuring the comfort of those prone to allergic reactions from down material.

Overall this comforter is a great buy and will provide you an agreeable sleep throughout the year in all four seasons.

You can buy this from Amazon. Arrange yours today!


  • Extremely lightweight with a fill power of 600.
  • A cotton shell with the baffle box design.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Perfect for warmer seasons and climate.


  • It is available in white color only.

Charter Club European White Down Comforter Heavy Weight

But if you are a more cold sleeper who needs extra warmth and a little more comfort is what you are looking for in those chilly nights, this heavyweight down comforter by Charter Club is the best option. This down comforter is ideal for cooler climates and for people who need extra warmth in winter.

It has baffle-box construction, so the fill won’t move even if you do so.

It also features a super-soft European down fill, the best quality you are going to touch. To back that up, it has the standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

Its shell is made of pure cotton, very soft at touch.

If you prefer to protect it from spills and dust, it can not only be used as a comforter; it can also be used ha a duvet insert. To have excellent performance at that, it has corner duvet tabs, so it won’t move around.

One drawback is that it is only available in white! However, this is a very combinable color, and the softness and coziness are worth it!

Talking about its maintenance, you just have to put it in your washing machine with cold water. And you can only tumble dry low with clean tennis balls.

It is not only available in queen size, but you can also get a Charter Club European White Down King size Comforter or even on a twin size.

After getting one, and you are not fully satisfied, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so feel confident to give it a try.


  • It has a 400 thread count.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • It weighs 35 oz.
  • It has a baffle-box design.
  • Heavy Weight
  • It has 600 fill power
  • It is made in the USA, with imported materials.


  • It is available in white color only.
  • Not so fluffier.

Charter Club 325T Medium Weight Level 3 Down Comforter

Charter Club Vail Collection 325T Medium Warmth Full/Queen Down Comforter

This amazing down comforter is a part of the Charter Club’s Vail Collection.

It is produced with 325 string check super cotton and makes the item soft and sustainable.

It brings along hypoallergenic properties. This would not trigger any sort of allergic reaction to you, even if you already suffer from the ill of allergies.

The woven texture of this finest cotton will not let dust enter and will protect it against all the bed bugs and dust mites. This is why you can easily trust this item with your allergies. Also, the down filling is purified under many purifying processes; this is another reason this comforter is hypoallergic.

It comes all packed up in a simple yet pretty plastic bag that accompanies a large size zip. This comforter is easy to move around with its own plastic bag.

It will provide the perfect heat that is required to sleep comfortably. I am sure you will love the product.

This down comforter can be washed in the home washing unit easily; it does not matter how big it is in size. What else do you need from your comforter?

You can buy this luxurious down comforter from Amazon anytime. This item accompanies a decent price tag. This product is a must to try in every case.


  • Easily washable by machine.
  • It repels against pests like bedbug and dust mites.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Very warm without a lot of weight.
  • No chemical smell.


  • It is available in white color only.
  • Fabric makes a little noise when you move.
  • Not so fluffier.

Charter Club Vail Collection Level 2 Down 300T Cotton Comforter Light Warmth

This Charter Club down comforter is airy, soft, and breathable. That characteristic combined is a dream for any sleeper who prefers a nighttime light coverage.

It has a pure cotton cover that brings a relaxing feel to your bed.

It is filled with European ecoDown, and the advantage of this fabric is that it is hypoallergenic. That’s perfect if you suffer from allergies!

It is not only a comforter, but it can also be used as a duvet insert. To do so, it has loops on each corner for duvet cover ties or clips to attach onto and do not move.

It is only available in white color, but you can only get Charter Club Vail Collection Level 2 Light Warmth Down King size Comforter.

This Charter down comforter is also very easy to clean because it is machine washable.


  • Easily washable by machine.
  • Its fill weighs 28oz fill.
  • It has 550 – 600 fill power.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Very warm without a lot of weight.
  • Its cover has 300 thread count pure cotton cover.


  • It is available in white color only.
  • Not so fluffier.

These products that I have reviewed above are all tested and specified according to the international standards for bedding. You must give these products a chance, and I am more than sure that you will not feel any disappointment!

Buying Guide – How to Shop for a Charter Club Down Comforter

The one thing that saves your sleep on the freezing winter nights is what a comforter is. For all those who love to spend their sub-zero temperatures cuddled up in the bed, Charter Club comforters are made for you.

Comforters are lightweight yet incredibly comfortable and warm on the inside. It is mostly made with a blend of materials, which makes both warm and smooth on the skin.

It is somewhat a light blanket, where two sheets are sewn together and filled with insulating material to keep you warm throughout the night. However, buying the wrong kind of comforters can give you sleepless nights with a depressing mood in the morning. If the material does not suit your skin, it could show up some allergies too.

Don’t runway already, buying the correct comforter can be a task, but with the right information, everyone does it entirely well.

The climate of the place in which you live can very well determine the type of comforters you must purchase. A comforter traps the body heat and adds perfect warmth while adding some style to your bedroom as well. Look for the following when checking comforter:

  • Made of genuine quality insulating fillers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft
  • Superior thread count
  • Durable material

The Down Comforters by the Charter Club are warmer with a higher comfort level. They are made up of feathers of a duck or a goose and are hence extremely lightweight. These Charter Club comforters are not only good for night-long sleep but also adds a touch of elegance and increases the aesthetics of your bedroom.

There are certain pros and cons which have to be covered well to get detailed research on the product before deciding to buy a comforter.


Lightweight: The Charter Club down comforters are made with fillers like duck or goose feathers. The filling material makes the comforters very light on the hand and does not feel heavy on your body at night while you are asleep.

Moreover, they can easily be taken and moved from one place to another without too much hassle. This is an essential advantage of buying a down comforter.

Warmth: The material used on the inner side of the comforters has insulating properties that trap the body heat and balances the temperature inside it, making it warm and cozy.

Also, they are available at a different level of warmth. These are best suitable for super wintry nights for optimal comfort and coziness.

Alternative Comforters For Sensitive Skin: Many people are allergic to down comforters due to the use of bird feathers. In that case, they can opt for alternative comforters.

These are easily washable, keeping mites and dust away. The house of Charter Club makes comforters that suit every kind of customer delivering products according to their preferences.

Durability: Comforters can be used up to 15 years if they are handled with proper care. They are constructed with durable material that will keep you warm and cozy and will last for several years. Alternative down comforters are more durable and versatile.

Bedroom Decor: Charter Club comforters are stylish to look at as well as they are cozy. Unlike other blankets, the comforters produced by this company do not compromise their warmth for style. These are ideal for every type of homeowner.

They are incredibly soft with superior breathing capacity that eliminates sweat all night long.

Alternative Comforters Are Easier To Clean: There are two types of comforters – down comforters and alternative comforters.

Down comforters are made up of duck down feathers and goose down feathers, and therefore they have to be dry cleaned with proper care.

On the other hand, alternative down comforters are made up of synthetic materials like polyester or rayon. Therefore they can be easily cleaned in a washing machine without losing its loftiness. There is no requirement for costly dry cleaning.

Although there are various advantages of using a comforter, yet there are also multiple ill-effects of using it.


Prone To Allergies: One of the most prominent disadvantages of using comforter is that they are likely to allergies. Due to the use of the synthetic fill, the alternative down comforters are prone to allergies and have an itchy feeling on the skin.

However, the feather down comforters are hypoallergenic, and people with sensitive skin opt these.

Difficult To Clean: As mentioned earlier that alternative comforters that are made of synthetic fiber are very easy to clean; down comforters constructed of duck down feathers or goose down feathers cannot be cleaned with a rough hand.

They have to be maintained with proper care, or else they will lose their loft and softness as extensive washes can damage the lightweight feather fills inside it. They have to be dry cleaned.

Loses Shape: The third most significant disadvantage that has to be kept in mind is that comforters get flattened over time, and you need have to refill it quite often. Doing this may leave you with a mismatched set of comforters with less fluffiness than before.

Heavy On The Pockets: Since down comforters are made up of original down feathers of duck or goose, these down comforters are quite costly than the alternative comforters.

What To Look For In A Down Comforter?

After analyzing the pros and cons of the comforters in general, it is concluded that the pros outweigh the cons. It is essential to choose the comforters wisely depending upon the purpose and your preference.

A superior quality comfort must have good thread count, superior quality fabric, and good quality down for lasting a long time with guaranteed support.

There are various buying tips that you must consider before buying the Charter Club Down comforters. The essential Charter Club down comforters is available in five levels of material, construction, and warmth.

The products usually vary from level one to level five, with the increase of thread count at every level. The Charter Club down comforters are available in lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight, and the customer can buy it according to the preferences.

Moreover, every customer has a different preference for temperature, and the sale of thick or thin comforters relies on the choice of the customer. The use of synthetic or organic fiber also depends upon the skin sensitivity of the customer.

We will give you a complete overview of the points you should check when considering to buy a down comforter. Let’s get started.


The most crucial factor that must be checked before buying down comforters is the material used in it. A breathable and a softer material used on the comforter will feel soft on irritated skin and prevent sweat all night long.

Buying a comforter with wrong material that tends to feel heavy on the skin can irritate you all night, and you will get up with an irritating mood all day. A comforter that can breathe properly can balance the heat temperature and keep you sweat away all night. It is imperative to look at the material used before buying the comforters.

Thread Count

Thread count is important in determining the firmness of any comforter.

The comfort level of the down comforter depends upon the thread count. The thread count also determines the tightness of any comforter.

However, excessive thread count can stiffen the material and ultimately irritate the skin. A higher thread count is much softer and comfortable than one with a lower thread count.

Fillings Inside The Down Comforter

The level of comfort and softness of a comforter depends upon the filling capacity of a comforter.

A higher filling capacity will offer more comfort and fluffiness than the lower filling capacity. A comforter is best known for balancing heat, and the filling capacity, to a great extent, determines the insulating ability of a comforter. Higher fill will ensure a higher capacity to trap heat.

Size Of The Comforter

Before buying a comforter, it is essential to note the size of your bed and mattress. It is wise to prefer one size bigger comforter than your bed because this will ensure extra comfort, and also, it will not slip away on one side when partners are sharing the bed.


Down comforters are available in many designs like the baffle box and box stitch. The structure of the down comforters should be made in a way that they do not get collected in the corner.

Instead, the fills must be uniformly placed for even surface and warmth and comfort. The durability of the comforter also depends upon the construction of the product.

Care And Maintenance

Besides the construction, you must also consider the level of care that has to be taken to maintain its durability.

Down comforters need to be appropriately dry cleaned and cannot be washed extensively. In contrast, alternative comforters can be washed in a machine but very gently in a low heat setting mode. However, it is advised to search for the care level for cleaning instructions on each comforter and wash accordingly.

Why Should We Choose Charter Club Down Comforters?

Charter Club is a brand well-known for its durable and premium quality products. It is also one of the best rated and reviewed ones by customers.

The two main reasons why customers prefer Charter Club comforters over others are:

Superior Comfort – the Charter club offers superior comfort coupled with a high level of coziness and fluffiness. It provides a perfect balance of heat that soothes the user enabling him to have a tight sleep throughout the night.

The premium quality goose or duck down feathers and the technology used for its construction gives no room for complaints.

High Breathability – The duck or the goose down feathers are highly breathable. This feature keeps your sweat away and helps you sleep without any disturbance—the unique feature of Charter club comforters.

We hope with all the knowledge about comforters, what you look for, and what to avoid, you can now make an informed decision to buy the best product from the market.

Company Information

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Company History: Charter Club is a Macy’s private brand. Federated acquired Charter Club when it bought R.H. Macy & Co. in December 1994. 
    • Macy’s, Inc. operates department stores in the United States. The Company also operates direct mail catalog and electronic commerce subsidiaries. Macy’s retail stores sell a wide range of merchandise, including home furnishings, men, women, and children apparel and accessories, cosmetics, and other consumer goods. Macy’s has invested in its private-label program with house brands like Charter Club, a key point of merchandise differentiation from other retailers.
    • Charter Club targets the “All American” woman who appreciates comfort and style in one. The private label offers sportswear, intimates, accessories, jewelry, bedding, and bath. Clearly, Charter Club bedding appeals to value first – sheets here are sold in sets at prices far lower than Hotel. Sheets and comforters are offered in good to premium assortments designed to step the consumer up to the best she can afford.
  • Contact number: 1-800-289-6229
  • Official Web Site: