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If you are sensitive to dust mites and allergens, then you might need this Queen Comforter Duvet Insert White by Utopia Bedding. This comforter is also hypoallergenic which fits those with sensitive skin. This promises to offer the best comfort and value that you’ll ever need.

Fitted with a queen-size bed, this comforter is made with an elegant box stitch construction and quilted stitching for style. Best of all, it has a money-back guarantee which allows you to return this product within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with its quality.

Queen Comforter by Utopia Bedding


  • Size: queen 88” x 88”
  • Filling: 350 grams per square meter (gsm)
  • Filled with siliconized fiberfill for softness and flexibility
  • Designed with piped edges and box stitching to keep the fill from shifting
  • Hypoallergenic barrier bedding shields you against dust, mildew, and mold
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Vacuum packed for tight packaging
  • Made of polyester and polyester blend fabric materials
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Color: white


Easy to clean

Cleaning this comforter will be a breeze since it can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle—make sure that you use cold water. To dry it, you can either naturally dry it in the sun or tumble dry it on low.

Since this product is made of polyester, drying will be fast compared to other types of fabric. If you find some stains on your comforter, use a commercial stain remover to treat the affected areas.

Let the stain remover set it before you wash the comforter in the washing machine.


The best thing about this product is its price which can be easily afforded by anyone. This might be one of the reasons why this product has become the #1 best-seller on Amazon.


This comforter is filled with siliconized fiberfill making it soft to the touch. This makes this comforter a great alternative to down filling as it offers a similar plushness without the allergens. Many users agreed that this comforter is indeed plushy and soft.

Good shape retention

Since this comforter is made of polyester, it has the advantage of retaining its shape for a long time. It can even resist against wrinkles, so your comforter stays in the best shape.

One of the reasons why this product stays in good shape is its piped edges and box stitching design which prevents the fill from moving.


Thanks to the siliconized fiberfill material, you can be safe from allergens and dust mites that trigger your asthma or eczema. The hypoallergenic barrier bedding may also shield from mildew and mold, extending the life of the comforter for a long time.


Traps moisture and heat

A few users reported that this comforter may be too hot when used during warm nights. This is because it tends to trap moisture and heat in its polyester fabric.

This is a common problem with polyesters because they’re not breathable fabrics like cotton. If you feel like the nights will be hot because of the warm weather, then you may want to skip using this comforter for a while.

Tends to pill over time

Some owners noted that after frequent washing, the comforter seemed to pill. Pills are those little balls that form in the fabric. You can use a razor to remove the pilling from the comforter but this can be a bit tasking.

You can also use an electric pill remover, like the Trisonic Portable Fabric Fuzz Remover for easy removal of pilling.

Frail stitch construction

There are a few reports from owners that the stitches of this comforter break after you put it in the washer or dryer. This could happen if you wash it harshly in the washing machine.

If you want to protect the stitch construction of this product, make sure that you observe the right washing procedures.

For instance, if you wash it in the machine, wash it on the gentle cycle and use cold water. If you use a dryer, use a low setting.

Difficult to remove stains

A few customers reported that they had a hard time removing the stains. This is usually a common problem for polyester fabrics because they absorb oil.

As a result, stains become embedded in the fabric. If ever you have stains on your comforter, use a commercial stain remover and apply it to the stains directly.

Let the stain solution soak into the fabric for a few minutes. Do this before you put the comforter into the washer.

Comparison with other products

Both the Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter and Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter are both fitted for queen size beds, but Linenspa is a bit larger and more lightweight.

Both comforters are also machine washable and hypoallergenic. Although both comforters are warm for summer use, Utopia Bedding may be a bit cooler due to its thinner fiberfill.

As compared to the All Season Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter, Utopia Bedding may be a bit smaller in size. The All Season comforter is also heavier than the Utopia Bedding.

While All Season has a weight of 7.5 pounds, Utopia Bedding only weighs 6.1 pounds. That’s a big difference if you talk about comfort. However, both are made of synthetic materials that are hypoallergenic and machine washable.


If you want a plush and affordable comforter for your queen-size bed, then the Queen Comforter by Utopia Bedding might be perfect for you.

Although it may not be suitable for warm nights, this is not a deal breaker because it has other great features. Such great features include hypoallergenic bedding, a plush siliconized fiberfill, and an affordable price.