Finding the ideal brand for bedding isn’t easy. There are many alternatives available, all of them excellent and worth trying. The bedding industry has been disrupted with a handful of exciting startups in the space and more transparency into fabrics and materials from traditional retailers. One way to improve your sleep is to invest in quality bedding.

Not only does shopping for bedding essentials in a package deal allow you to redecorate a bedroom in one go, but it can also save you money: Items in a set typically cost less than what you’d pay for them individually.

I know that that’s a lot to consider, but don’t worry. To make your search for the best bedding brands a bit easier, here are our top picks. In this guide, here are some of the best brands bedding sets you can order online that will help guide you to a better night’s sleep.

What Are The Best Bed Sets Brands?

What is “best” will differ from person to person. Your choice in bedding colors will be determined by the soothing effect you’re going for and personal preference.

The colors I’ll list below are the ones that I prefer the most and will look great in your bedroom.

Tommy Bahama Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama is the company that defines relaxed, sophisticated style. Tommy Bahama launched its own brand of rum in August 1993 and is owned by Atlanta-based Oxford Industries.

Tommy Bahama designer bedding is known for its superb quality and comfort.

These bedding sets are like an oasis of relaxation where white sandy beaches, cool tropical breezes, and comfort await you every night. Our Tommy Bahama bedding collection is designed using the finest and softest materials for your relaxation.

Perfect for all climates, these tropical-inspired pieces are designed for your master suite. Our collection is always being designed and crafted for your sleeping enjoyment.

As an example, take a look at our review of this Tommy Bahama bed set:

Tommy Bahama Map Quilt Set

  • This bed set is produced with cotton.
  • The filling of the quilt is 30% polyester, 60% cotton, and 10% reclaimed fibers.
  • It comes with a quilt and two sham pillows.
  • It is fully reversible.
  • This bed set is available in king, queen, and twin size.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is covered with a one year warranty.
  • It is pretty light-weighted and breathable.
  • The print is quite sophisticated.

Ralph Lauren King Bedding Sets Bed Sets

The Ralph Lauren Bedding Sets are the epitome of the phrase “classy and timeless.” Once you try them out, you’ll love the fact that they are lightweight yet incredibly warm.

Think of classic American style, and there’s one name which stands out: Ralph Lauren. The iconic brand is the epitome of elegant living.

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. They are known for the clothing, marketing, and distribution of products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.

For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren’s image has been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands, and international markets.

As an example, take a look at our review of a Ralph Lauren King Bedding Sets Bed Set:

Lauren King Sheet Set 4 Pieces Geometric Checkered Gingham Blue Cotton Sheets Sheet Set Gray and White

  • This bedding set is manufactured using superior quality cotton.
  • It is a four-piece package that comes with a king-size bed sheet, a deep fitted sheet, two king-sized covers for your pillows.
  • It comes with a pattern of vertical stripes in gray color. The base color is white.
  • The colors are light and elegant.
  • This bedding set feels soft to touch.
  • It is breathable and quite agreeable.
  • 300 thread count.
  • This Ralph Lauren Bedding set is pretty durable.
  • You can wash it according to your convenience at home.

Frette Bed Sets

Frette began in Italy in 1860, and its bedding can be found in some of the most prestigious hotels in the world. Frette offers several different styles. Each set comes in a variety of colors. So, you always have more style options from which to choose.

These sets have an incredibly luxurious, high-end feel. Each collection offers a different feel because of their different weave styles, but the extra-long staple pure cotton has them both feeling so durable and soft. In my opinion, both sheet sets make you feel like you’re in your own 5-star hotel.

As an example, take a look at our review of this Frette bed set:

Frette Kony Arredo Jacquard 4-pieces Duvet Cover Set

  • This one is made up of a jacquard print.
  • It looks slightly embroidered.
  • It is a four-piece bed set that comes with a flat sheet, a duvet cover, and covers for two of your pillows.
  • The color of this bed set is charcoal gray.
  • People who are aware of what luxury feels like would not mind spending on this product.
  • It brings nothing but a complete luxury for you.

So, Which Brand is the Best?

Actually, there is no "best" here. It is a subject of personal preference. Maybe one of the preferred shades could impede your ability to sleep well. Perhaps some of the "avoidable" shades above don't interfere with your sleep at all. It is up to the self.

Now that you decided what bedding brand, you could read all the reviews we have done to buy the ideal bedding for your needs. You should check.